How do i know if i m diabetic

Novy 8, 2020
how do i know if i m diabetic

Feb 14, 2003

 · Early Signs of Diabetes Hunger and fatigue. Your body converts the food you eat into glucose that your cells use for energy. But your cells need... Peeing more often and being thirstier. The average person usually has to pee between four and seven times in 24 hours,... Dry mouth and itchy skin. ...

Sep 12, 2016

 · Some general warning signs of diabetes are: extreme thirst dry mouth frequent urination hunger fatigue irritable behavior blurred vision wounds that don’t heal quickly skin that itches or is dry yeast infections

They will be able to do a blood test to find out if you have diabetes. Common symptoms of diabetes. Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night. Being really thirsty. Feeling more tired than usual. Losing weight without trying to. Genital itching or thrush. Cuts and wounds take longer to heal. Blurred eyesight.

Apr 06, 2017

 · The symptoms of diabetes can be very mild. Although symptoms are similar for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes symptoms are especially hard to pinpoint. "In many patients with Type ...

Who is at risk? Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition and as yet the triggers for this condition are unknown. However, type 2 diabetes has a number of risk factors, including being overweight or obese, living a sedentary lifestyle, or eating an unhealthy, high-calorie diet."With type 2 diabetes your body's still producing at least some insulin (which helps our cells to …

If your blood sugar remained under 100mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) at the one hour test and the later tests, you have very normal blood sugar and probably do not have diabetes. If your blood sugar reached 140 mg/dl (7.7 mmol/L) within the first hour, or 120 mg/dl (6.7 mmol/L) two hours after earing, you are above the normal range.