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Novy 8, 2020
diasend home

diasend® is now ASIP Santé certified (via Cegedim) and our new database in France is now live! For more information on how this impacts your user experience please click HERE. To access previously uploaded data, in the old French database, please click HERE.

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If you would like to upload values from your diabetes device(s) to your personal diasend® Account from home, you will need to use our diasend® Uploader software. This software will then allow you to transfer all the values from your devices to your diasend® account, so you and your healthcare provider can review the values.

After installing the diasend® Uploader application on your PC or Mac, you will be able to upload your data to your diasend® account. To download instructions regarding the installation and use of diasend® Uploader, please go to the support tab on our webpage.

You're just a minute away from having your free diasend® Personal account. Login details * Required information E-mail *; Repeat e-mail *; Your e-mail address will be your user name for diasend®.

Follow the steps below to download and start using the diasend® Uploader software: Log in or start a new account at www.diasend.com ...

As a patient, you can upload data either from home (using diasend® Uploader), from your clinic (using diasend® Transmitter), or on-the-go (for some devices, using diasend® Mobile App) – and then view compiled information in a clear and structured way at www.diasend.com. Just like your health care provider.


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 · diasend Uploader is a web-based diabetes management software for anytime/anywhere access. It is the web-based way to view and manage blood glucose and insulin data and share it with your authorized healthcare providers from the convenience of home.